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Progressing in the right direction: yours!
As financial service professionals, we know that an in-depth understanding of your needs is the only path to sound investment and insurance advice. You may not be convinced that you know what your needs are, but our team will ask the right questions and analyze your answers to highlight just what your needs are.

Growth, protection, vision
At Chevalier Meunier, we help you to clarify your vision

Our experience and know-how give us perspective on a wide range of possibilities.

Our independence allows for more adaptable products, regardless of which financial institution provides them.

Our plans and strategies are tailored and balanced to meet your needs.

Partner with us; our commitment is sincere and our work ethic is exemplary.


  Mars 2011 -
La volatilité des
marchés financiers

Avril 2011 –
Les multiples
avantages du CÉLI

Juin 2011 –
Assurance maladies