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Associate, CFA
Mutual Funds Representative with PEAK

514-737-6446, ext 104
After completing advanced studies in finance and mathematics, Philippe Ventura started with insurance and mutual funds companies. In 2000, he obtained his CFA designation, a highly sought-after diploma in the investment field. His professional experience has afforded him a 360° view of the investment industry. In 2010, he joined Chevalier Meunier as an associate.

Understanding people, who they are, and what they need is his passion. He puts his insight and keen mind to work in order to put together pertinent, tailor-made strategies.

New technologies call out to him. Thanks to Web communications tools, he aims to maintain near constant contact with his clients, in addition to publishing his expert opinions and advice on finance.


NANCY BRODEUR, Director and Customer Service
514-737-6446, ext 105

With her 16 years of finance experience - from which 14 in a large investment firm - Nancy Brodeur knows the ins and outs of the industry. As director, she is responsible for operations, transaction execution, administrative account followups and general office well-being. Her energy and rigor make her an asset to entrepreneurs, professionals and investors looking for clear insights and proactive solutions.

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